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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Or postponed till further notice. So I get a call today around 1:30 from St. Joe's cardio scheduling people and the lady said they have to cancel Whitney's cardiac cath appt for 8AM tomorrow (Wednesday)!  I was like "Your joking right!" (very disappointingly) and she said no I wouldn't joke.  "Oh My Gosh are you serious!?" Then she said she would call me back to reschedule it and to talk to Dr. P. So we hung up.  Then, just to make sure, I called the office again to see if there was any other Dr. or time that day to do it, and they said no!  So I let my husband and mom know about the cancellation.  I was just so ready to get this done and over with, it has been stressing me out for months!  We were prepared physically and more importantly emotionally.  I do understand that apparently they had an emergency but they could at least just move our time up to a different spot, but no. Now we can't do it till May!   Then I decided this would be the perfect time for a second opinion like every one told me to get!  Whitney's pediatric surgeon said her husband is a cardiologist and could do it.  I called PCH and they were really nice and got me in for later this month.  So I look forward to that!  Then I thought, well I have been praying and pondering all month if this is the right thing to do for her.  It's really scary right now but it would help her in the long run.  So I figured this (cancelling it) was the answer to my prayers and maybe Whitney won't even need the procedure!  God does answer prayers!

Pig tails!

We lowered her crib and then she pulls herself up!

It had been quit a while since we replaced Whitney's NG tube (the yellow one). It was getting old so I took it out and took off all the tape, gave her a bath, took a million pictures, and then put a new one back in.  Love her 'normal' look! It's funny how when we look at other people's pictures of their kids we think aww they are sure cute, but when we look at our own... our hearts just melt!  I am right, all you mothers out there!?  Whitney will be tube free some day but not anytime soon. 

In other news, I think that Whitney is the most beautiful and precious baby ever!  She is truly a daughter of God and I am so blessed to be trusted to take care of her.  She is so fun! I love being her mommy and hanging out with her all day!  This is the life! She is crawling on all fours now and can get any where she wants!  My whole family loves her and love playing with her and making her laugh!    Here is a sneak peek at what Whitney will be wearing on her blessing day.  My sister in law who lives in Utah made these special for Whitney!  They fit perfectly and also match the dress!  Thanks Mindy!  We have her dress and it is adorable!  Thanks Abbey!  Should I post a picture of Whitney's blessing dress or keep a surprise for the big day?


  1. Keep the reveal for blessing day is my vote! And He does answer prayers, look at your sweet girl;) I think this cancel is another one of those answers Alicia!! ((hugs)) love you guys and cant wait to see you!!!

  2. wait till the big day (that is what i'm doing at least) ;) good luck with everything! She sure is cute!