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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post # 70!

Grandma's Cutie! That day we went to the pediatrician for some shots.

If you haven't heard...we are home! Whitney got released Monday afternoon. It's been a crazy day but I didn't want to leave any of you hangin'. Some people have texted me about Whitney or talked to my mom, but we are home, safe and sound.

Like I said previously, we got admitted Friday 12/10 to PCH, after the Pulmonary appointment, for Whitney to get a feeding tube. So then on Saturday we basically hung out in the hospital with Dr.'s and nurses in and out all day making plans and getting her food. They made sure that she was seen by every Dr. necessary and that every one was on the same page. They were all really nice...if any one out there wants to be an RN then go for it! They are amazing people and so helpful! All the nurses and even Dr.'s kept saying how pretty Whitney is. They loved to rub her hair and make her smile.
Thomas stayed with Whitney so I could go home and shower and sleep. My mom helped so Thomas and I could go out to eat! We went to Stir Fry Paradise! Yum!

I spent every night there with her, putting up with the hard couch and the baby next to us crying in pain and his poor mom trying to get him some morphine. That baby's dad and grandpa were the loudest snorers in the world! I could still hear them with my ipod on, I don't how Whitney slept though it but she still didn't sleep well. I definitely made sure the Dr's were doing every thing they could to get us out as soon as possible.

On Sunday Whitney was doing really good. Dr. R., the hospital's pediatrician ordered all the tube feeding equipment for home, including a pump and bags and tape and extra NG tubes. The nurse Joe also came to the hospital and showed us how to use every thing. He kept saying how pretty she was and that he's seen tons of babies and not all of them are pretty. Through out the few days me, Thomas and my mom learned pretty well how and when to use the NG tube. But the main thing I had to do was insert it myself, with help holding her down.
Before and After pictures of Whitney. She's doing good with tummy time and likes to roll over (hard to do at the hospital). I just love her personality!

On Monday, every thing was figured out, like how much Whitney needs to eat to gain weight at a good pace and how often to feed her. My mom came to the hospital around eleven am, I went to eat some breakfast at lunch time. FYI hospital food IS delicious and cheap! When every one (me, mom, Whitney and the nurse) was already (Thomas was at work), we inserted the feeding tube. Mom said a prayer and I was comforted. It actually went pretty well considering. Oh a plus about this tube is that now I give her the medicine through it! That morning some volunteers came in our room to give the babies a stuffed animal. I picked out the penguin for her, it was the cutest. Whitney loved it, I danced it around saying happy feet and kissed her with the beak and told her all about penguins. So a few hours later we were home free!

I do think that Whitney needs this feeding tube. No one can be so sure as to why she isn't eating much and losing weight. So this will definitely help her grow, get strong and healthy. It's only temporary. Remember how I was complaining that nothing was easy, well haha, it just got worse!

My day now consists of feeding Whitney every three hours but it really takes at least one to one and a half hours to get her fed! I try to feed her by bottle first if she takes it great but she'll only take like half. So I have to tube the rest which take forever, there's seven steps which I won't bore you with. Plus she needs to stay sitting up for thirty minutes afterwards. But hey once a day she take the bottle in ten minutes! So then I have two hours to play with her and then she'll fall asleep. Then I do things... mostly phone calls and cleaning.

Well, let me just say that Whitney is a hand full but she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, us. I savor every smile and giggle. Every cute noise and cuddle. This picture is for cousin Jeremy!


  1. They're all telling the truth. She really is a BEAUTIFUL baby. Just could not get any cuter! I'm so glad you've got her back home and hopefully back on track. Good job Mom!

  2. :) Jeremy is very excited that you put up this picture! She definitely is a beautiful little girl!

  3. LOVE that hair! She is a beautiful little girl. I just keep remembering what everyone told me going into this that each baby does things in their own way, on their own timeline. This is only temporary and in a blink of an eye, will pass. I am so happy you are all home again as a family and will continue to pray for you all. Merry Christmas!!

    The Dooley Family