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Friday, December 10, 2010

Failure to Thrive

Alicia writing here on my green dell netbook from a dark hospital room. With Whitney in the crib by me and an 11 month old roomie and his parents. Luckily there's wi fi.

it has been a really long day. Left the house at 10:30am for a pulomology appt. They saw us at one pm due to some misunderstandings. Dr. D. and the nutritionist were very worried about her feeding. It has been getting worse since tuesday and of course the slow weight gain. They did not want us to go home without the feeding tube. We were NOT expecting this, maybe in a couple weeks if she didn't do well on the new med and increased calories. But here we are.

we were admitted around four pm. Thomas got here with overnight stuff and dinner at around eight pm. Then the nurses put the NG tube in, through her nose down her throat into her tummy. Whitney hated it, poor baby could not stop crying. Shortly after they took her blood and she cried for a good hour in her grandmas loving arms till she finally fell asleep.

This is definately a new a scary thing for us but it will be the best thing for Whitney. She needs to catch up and grow, getter bigger and taller and just be a happy eater. No idea how long we will be here at the hospital for, hopefully no more than three days. And don't know how long she will need this feeding tube for. So that is my update. I'm sure I won't get much sleep tonight.

1 comment:

  1. so sorry cuz! Hope the feeding tube works quickly and efficiently. You'll be in our prayers!