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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feedings and ME

Sorry this is just a boring blog about medical stuff now a days...Just a quick update about our G.I. appt yesterday. DR. R. said that he wants to start her on another medication to help her esophagus coordinate better (making her aspirate). Also he wants her calories increased to 27. It was 24 calories, most babies are at 20 calories, preemies need more too. And keep doing the thickened formula with rice or oatmeal cereal. He wants Whitney weighed once a week to see if/make sure she gains weight. If the new med doesn't work plus the increased calories then the only other option is the feeding tube. I hoped she'd progress in her feeding but she's getting worse, her insides just aren't normal or working properly. Poor thing, it's frustrating but I know it's not her fault so we just keep trying.

random story...I was driving to pick up Whitney's meds in Sun City. You'll probably all hate me now haha, because sometimes I'm THAT driver. I cranked up the music so loud with my windows rolled down. (Adam Lambert's What do you want from me). Speeding along. Singing/yelling. Of course someone had to cut me off and I hooooooooooonked, but I couldn't even hear my horn because the music was so loud. hehe. I don't know, it's just how I can let out the stress in me. Adrenaline rush. That's my 'outlet'. Some people scrapbook, or sing or dance or sew. Like I use to go quading all the time. Every Saturday all year in high school. Also wake boarding got me out there having fun. It's the only reason I survived. If you didn't know I have been skydiving, glider riding, hot air ballooning, white water rafting. I also love to ride my bike and play racquetball. I also like mini golfing and bowling and swimming and hiking. Use to love tether ball! Haha, that was a good outlet. Well, even though I'm a mother now, I still crave all those things. My husband is the complete opposite!


  1. It's interesting how I forget that I am still that person who needs the loud music with the windows down sometimes because I am in mom mode. But it's true, we do still need those things and sometimes I need that "old" me to come out and live again.

  2. I honk at poeple too when my husband isnt with me:). Soo sorry to hear about Whitney she is a tough cookie!! We pray for her and you Too. Much Love and Prayers. Aunt Wendy