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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Continuous Drip

Here Whitney is five months old! Yay! She's sporting a pink blanket in her swing. She keep's getting her clothes dirty in puke plus it's not cold here, at all!

Whitney has not been tolerating the feeding tube since she's had it. She has thrown up two to four times a day. Of course I called the GI Nurse and the Nutritionist, saw the Pediatric Surgeon and they all said she was okay. Then we went to see a GI Nurse Practitioner and she said that Whitney did not gain weight and that she needs to be hydrated. She said to do a continuous drip and see if that helps...if not then go to the ER because it's over the Holidays. SHe also reccommended an X-ray to make sure the NG tube was in the right place, so we did that. It was in the correct place but with all of Whitney's throwing up she aspirated and they could see it on the xray, hopefully that will get better and she'll cough it all out.

A continuous drip is were we set the feeding tube's pump to constantly give a small amount of formula all day and night and no bottle. Sheeesh and I thought we were immobilized before with just the oxygen, now poor Whitney is stuck to a pole! Well, at least she can't go more than four feet away from it.
So far it has worked because Whitney has not thrown up since. I'm not sure how long she needs to be on this cycle for. Hopefully not long so she doesn't develop even more of an oral aversion, just long enough for her to get better. Even with all this, Whitney is still a regular baby, growing and learning every day. She just amazes me! When we laugh at her shaking her head, she keeps doing it because she knows that it's funny.

It's been another one of those weeks...DR. visits all the time. But I did manage to go to my husband's graduation thanks to my mom. Thomas wanted her to go but um... someone has to stay home with Whitney. But Thomas's mom and sister came! They bought him some lei's! I bought a bunch of big balloons the night before and hide them in the Jeep under a dinosaur sheet. One even got lose on the way there and he didn't even notice! Ha I thought for sure my surprise was ruined! So, before graduation was over I walked a mile (or less) in my boots to get that huge bunch of balloons . He was definitely surprised! Afterward lots of pictures and tons of traffic, Thomas's mom treated us to Pita Jungle! Thomas also got a few 'congrats grad' gifts from other family members. Thanks!

My mom celebrated her..... birthday on Sunday the 19th. Brianna and me made her dinner with Dad's help at the grill. OH, that morning, Whitney pulled out her NG tube! Very early Sunday morning, after feeding her, an hour later I heard her sneezing, like eight or ten times then she cried. I jumped up and saw that feeding tube flying around! Ahhh! She must have pulled the tape off her face and sneezed out the tube! I left it out that day to she if she would stop throwing up but she still did. The next day went we went to the Pediatric Surgeon, whom we love! She helped me put it back in. It's not that bad or hard, but I don't want to do it at home unless I have to.

Last night it poured! Yay! Thomas and I were able to go on a date. We went to Claim Jumper! Delicious! Funny story (to me anyway). The only reason why we could go there was because we had a gift card right. So we're talking and talking and Thomas paid the guy, I asked if he used the gift card and then he got this really serious look on his face, and I'm like "haha! your joking right!" And he just shook his head with this wide eye face. I still though he was joking. Then he pulled the gift card out of his wallet! He was so embarrassed but finally got up the courage to ask the waiter to give us our money and use the gift card. I love my husband. One time when we were driving home and talking a lot he missed our exit. We were on the I-10 going to get on the I-17 and he kept going! I was all "wahoo we're going to Cali!" But no, he took the next exit and then back tracked. He claims, "I was just taking the scenic route."

Here's Whitney K. all settled in for her first night of the continuous drip. You can see the bag of formula, the pump, the oximeter, her mobil and toy and of course the precious sleeping baby on her inclined crib. With our bed and the window in the back ground.

Anywho, I hope every has a very Merry Christmas! We'll sure try! And hope and pray that Whitney does better eating and doesn't get sick and end up in hospital for the four time.

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