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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Every Christmas morning we wait upstairs till dad is ready with the video camera. (This year Thomas joined him). Then we all walk downstairs, turn the corner and see what Santa brought! We opened up our stockings full of candy and fun. Then we ate cinnamon rolls and drank hot chocolate. Then we 'gratefully' and excitedly open up our presents!

It may seem like I'm posting a lot of pictures but trust me, I took way way more! I'm just posting a few pics of her presents to show family members. Here she is in bed, Christmas morning playing with her favorite "toy", that's always handy!

Grandma Patterson custom made and personalized these hooded bath towels! So big and soft!

Grandpa & Grandma Montgomery got Whitney a ton of cute clothes! All the way from Hawaii!

Aunt Mindy made her some niffty bibs made of, well, a bath towel (or a kitchen towel), and she made some cute slippers! By now Whitney fell asleep with all the excitement!

Baby Girl also got tons of toys from all of us, including her grandparents and aunts and uncles! Whitney also got some books and some music too! They were all very generous to her parents as well! Thomas (Keaweiwi) and I got video games, Blu-ray movies, blender (for baby food), candy, movie passes, and money. Thank you to every one for giving us the best Christmas and for understanding our situation.

Just love her gummy grin and full head of dark hair with natural highlights! Hoping to get ride of the tubes and tape on her face soon, like 3-4 more months! She is such a happy girl! Always laughing and smiling at every one doing a funny face or noise! She loves smiling for the camera!

The day is over, time for bed. Now she gets to entertain herself to sleep! She got two crib toys! This one she kicks and it lights up and plays music and one that plays music and moves.

Whitney was still throwing up on Christmas so we didn't take her over to Gr & Gr. Holmgrens. Keaweiwi and I went there to celebrate with them in the after noon. They always go to Harkins to see a movie. This year we watched Tron. Then we hung out with them and Kehau & Ikaika & Jeff till we had a delicious ham dinner. Very eventful day! Back to our place (my parents house) to finish the day.

Wishing you all a melekalikimaka ame hao'oli makahiki hou!

1 comment:

  1. CUTE! Looks like you guys had a good Christmas! Happy New Year! You and your sweet family are never far from my thoughts!!! Whitney is sooooo BEAUTIFUL! Watch out world :)