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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Speech Therapist

We went to a new Speech Therapist the other day because she also does Craniosacral Therapy.  Umm, I'm not exactly sure what it is...just some touchy feely stuff that my mom wanted to try so we'll see if it works.  The therapist was really nice and did things that nobody else has done yet so that's definitely a plus for me.  She noticed lots of things that we didn't yet tell her. Next time she will do the craniosacral therapy along with some feeding therapy.  Luckily ins. will pay some so we'll go once a week (yay) out to scottsdale.  We'll try it for 5 or 6 times before we decide if it's beneficial. She said to let Whitney play with wet things like her foods on the tray and water.  Whitney doesn't really seem interested in it and if she's like me she will hate it! Haha.  I can't stand when 'wet' things get on my fingers...ketchup is the worst. When I was younger I wouldn't do my handprint in paint or play with play doh. My mom gets all the chicken off the bones and her fingers are all gooey and I could never do that, I couldn't even watch!

The other night Whitney threw up the feeding tube, at least it came out her nose and not the mouth!  We went a couple days with out it and she didn't do very good.  So today I put it back in and now she's back to throwing up.  I'm surprised she'll still take the bottle after months of throwing up. I know that when I throw up I don't want to eat and especially not that food again!  I don't know why the Dr.'s say it okay if she throws up.  They don't want her to but just say she should throw up less! Ahhh...

Whitney eating a Mum-Mum

Happy Birthday Uncle Derek!

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  1. Whitney is just the cutest thing ever! She looks so happy in all her pictures. Hopefully the new therapist helps!