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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I don't have my pictures with me but I at least wanted to write.  For months (and practically forever) I've been praying for Whitney to get better (with feeds and breathing).  Of course realizing the hard way that it is all on the Lord's time.  I really didn't want to do the cardiac cath and when we went to the cardiologist the other day Dr. P. said she looked really good but not great.  So even though my prayers were answered about her getting better she stills needs the procedure to help her out more.  And I'm okay with it now.  I know it's weird but the problem can't magically fix it self and that is why Heavenly Father gave us Dr.'s and technology.  The sooner we do this the sooner we can ween Whitney off the oxygen.  Which she gets so tangled up in when she rolls all around the floor, I'm always unwinding her!

The Pedatric Surgeon appointment this week went well too.  We waited an hour to see her but she is such a great dr. and person.  She doesn't think Whitney will need a G tube but I don't think she realized how bad it really is.  The past two days Whitney refused the bottle every time so I've had to do a slow drip.  I don't if it's all the Dr. appt messing her up or her little cough or that we added super soluble DuoCal to increase her calories.  I recently understood that the main reason she can't eat is because she couldn't for the first month of her life.  When other babies sucked instinctivly, Whitney was fighting for her life.  Eating is a learned habit.  Once babies realize they have a choice not to eat then they just stop because they don't like it or they gag and throw up.  Even though the Dr.'s say its okay if she throw's up I'm trying my best not to give her so much a one time so that she doesn't completely hate eating.  Took me a while to be patient with her and revolving my days around her feedings but it's critical that she trust me.  Anyway just wanted to write down my thoughts.

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  1. You're such a wonderful mom. I'm so pleased, and take great comfort in knowing that you seek and follow the Spirit to find answers for taking care of your baby/my granddaughter. She is in good hands. All of you are in my prayers every day.