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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mini Golf & 8 months old!

As predicted, this has been a crazy busy week!  My sister came home for spring break and it was really good to see her and hang out!  Tuesday we went to Kelley for some speech therapy and craniosacral therapy.  She is a really good therapist so I decided to stick with her and not go back to see the one in the feeding clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH).  Whitney doesn't need 3 speech pathologist!  We also saw Dr. M. the GI and there Whitney weighed in at 14 lbs. 6oz. Only gained 3 oz in one week so he is still very worried about her weight gain and want to do the endoscopy procedure.  I want a second opinion! But I'm also okay with doing the procedure to know for sure what is going on inside of her...reflux? GERD? something else? But before we do that the therapist strongly suggest that we do an allergy test first.
Thursday Whitney got her last synagis shot of the RSV season. There she weighed 14 lbs. 10 oz.  (every scale is different). I'm glad she got these shots because she never caught that life-threating disease.  I think it also helped that I kept inside the and out of public areas the whole season.  But now that April is coming I'm bringing her out!  Went to Babies R Us with her for the first time the other day!  Of course I still kept her covered and away from people... I don't mind them seeing her but I don't want thier germs!  Oh and every time she sees some one new she gets really scared and cries.  So just a fore warning. 
Friday we had her physical and speech therapy which went really well.  They are very happy about Whitney's progess.  Then we went to the Pediatrican for a check up.  They see Whitney every 2 months instead of the regular 3 month healthy check up.  She weighed 14 lbs 12 oz.  Ha ha. I really don't think Whitney gained 6 oz in 3 days!  So the real test is going back to the GI's scale that we weigh her on once a week.  They checked her iron levels which we perfect, not high even though we give her the multivitamin with iron in her Goat Milk Formula.  They also did a TB test (lung disease) which I don't think she has because there is no red bump on her arm where they give it to her at. 

Mini golfing with Tim, Jessica, Colton, Clayton, & Brianna

Jessica taking a pic of Brianna drinking soda...? Colton, Clayton golfing, Mom & Dad

Family Photo at Castles ~N~ Coasters Mini Golf

Whitney sitting peacfully on the couch until...

Her ball rolls off! Oh No! Don't worry, I caught her!

Whitney sits up perfectly and she crawls pretty good now.  She loves to roll around but that makes her get caught up and twisted in her oxygen and feeding tubes.  She reaches for everything so I've always got my eye on her.  I love to make her smile and laugh!  If we are not at a Dr.'s office we will play together and learn sign language and sing songs.  Whitney takes two naps lasting 2-3 hours. Wakes up at 7 or 8 in the morning and goes to bed at 9 PM.  She take 2 - 3 bottles a day (she only eats when she's asleep).  I put her at the table and try to feed her solids 3 times a day (she only takes a few bites). I also give a sippy cup and she recently figured out how to suck from it!   So far she's taken carrots, bananas, avocado, sweet potato, peaches, melons, and tomorrow I will try butternut squash and buy more veggies to puree for her like peas and green beans.  That is what our eight month old does these days!

Whitney is eight months old

Whitney 8 months old

  That blue box in the back ground is the oxygen concentrator that makes air into pure oxygen.  It's nice back ground noise and it's very quiet if it's turned off.  Whitney probably threw up and that is why she is naked!  She is hooked up the to feeding pump in this picture. 

Loves to stand up and does pretty good pulling her self up already!


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