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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas 2011


It's amazing how much babies grow in a short time!  I just had to post a couple of last years photos of Whitney to compare with her this year! 

Whitney's first Christmas Eve! So festive in her Santa Rocks outfit! About 5 months old and couldn't even sit up yet!  Glad she got a few keepsakes!

 My second Christmas Eve!  Hanging out at church for a family party! A walking, babbling toddler! G tube poking outa the dress and always being followed by a cup for vomit!

Whitney's first Christmas!  On oxygen and NG tube! But still excited to open presents!

 My second Christmas! So excited to come down the stairs! (a skill she recently discovered too!)

So the festivities started Christmas Eve day with lots of baking and cooking and fun!  That night we went to a Patterson family party. It was okay, mostly just watched Whitney run around the church building. We left early around 8:30 pm and Whitney fell asleep in the car. I was driving home with my Grandma in the front seat and Thomas in the back by Whit.  We were close to my old neighborhood and I remembered that this one house always had amazing Christmas lights.  It's just SW of Olive and 51st Ave and you can see the lights from the street!  There were lots of cars and people around looking at the lights.  It was better than I remembered! We went to a couple more neighborhoods bedfore going home.  So Whitney didn't get to open her new pajamas that night with the rest of us.  After a few presents I watched part of a Christmas story on tv.  I fell asleep on the couch downstairs and woke around 2 am to Whitney's crying over the monitor. (she was ok) I got up and saw my mom arranging the presents under the tree :) 

I love this pic of everyone! Wishing Derek and Mindy and the kids were here though!

Christmas Eve! Me and my sisters! That blanket is amazing! I think it's sheep from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

On Christmas Day we woke up just in time to be a few minutes late for church ;)  We brought Whitney with us because it was only an hour long meeting with musical numbers and sacrament of course.  She really didn't sit still for long and eventually bumped her head on the pew trying to escape.  So I took her out to the hall and pretty much stayed there the whole time.  I didn't attempt to go back in with her (sitting on the front row!) because I end up taking her back out the next minute anyway.  So she walked around the hall way a few times before meeting another little girl (about 2 1/2 yrs.).  For some reason, Whitney really wanted to hold her hand... so they held hands walking the halls for a while!  Cutest thing ever! Then I washed Whit's hands really really well and church was over. 

When we got home Whitney took a long nap while everyone was very anxious to open Christmas presents.  They got to their stockings and opened a few presents before Whit woke up.   

I got Whitney's new Christmas jammies on and she made her appearance!  I'm so glad the she just learned how to go down the stairs! My mom and I have been trying to get her to go down backwards for months.  But then my husband had her go down forwards! So she just scoots like you can see in the pictures!  It's cute but not as safe so we still have to be right beside her. 

Whitney got so many presents! She (and her parents) loved it!  Of course they were mostly from 3 sets of grandparents and great grandparents and her parents!  Oh yeah! She's spoiled! 

This duck was a huge hit! She loves to feed it the bottle and it quacks.  Whitney did the sign for duck and says "bwack bwack" when she saw it. 

This toy is a really good skill for littles one to master! I'll have to work with her on it a lot though!

Signing "more" to the singing elephant!

After we opened all our presents, we fed Whitney, she threw up, changed her to new Christmas pajamas, and headed over to Thomas' parent's house!  They also waited for us to open presents.  His mom made a delicious ham dinner.  We opened more awesome gifts and hung out and played Catch Phrase.  I was glad everyone was there!  It was getting late and Whit was due to eat again so we all departed.  Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading about our 2011 Christmas.

 Whitney & Uncle Ikaika

Whitney & Auntie Kehau

Whitney & Daddy

Whitney & Daddy ready for church

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