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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good day to you all

Today was a nice day. 

 This time last year Whitney was admitted to the Phoenix childrens Hospital for an NG feeding tube. She was about 4 1/2 months old.  As you all know, when she was born, Whitney was intubated immediately because she could not breath with her little lungs. She only started to learn how to eat when she was about a month or so old.  Took about another month for Whitney to feel all better and eat well enough on her own to come home.  But at home she screamed every time we tried to feed her.  It was stressful for everyone.  Eventually we learned she'd only take a bottle while asleep.  She was doing a little feeding therapy and physical therapy but when she wasn't gaining weight, feeding tube was the last option.  Whitney had and still has GERD (severe reflux), aspirates thin liquids, failure to thrive, and oral aversions.  Whitney can not eat well enough to gain weight and grow properly, so it is up to me to tube feed her.  I can't decide if this is my trial or hers...  but I pray this challenge (and all the vomiting) will soon pass.  I am so so grateful though that this is the only side effect from her CDH (along with her pulmonary hypertension). 

This morning Whitney and I finally got to hang out on this cold rainy day in our comfy PJ's.  We watched a little of Seseme Street, a little Price is Right, read books, sang songs, and we ate breakfast with no vomit.  It felt like a Saturday (except that these shows are not on on saturdays) to me because I didn't have to go to school!  Yay school is out and I aced my class.  Thank you very much to my mom for taking care of Whitney every other morning for me!  Here is a really cute video of Whitney playing with Xanthia!

 Also today, we all went to Fry's Grocery store.  I got ingredients to make a dessert for Thomas's parents dinner.  I saw this awesome idea online and thought it was easy enough for me to make.  I made some brownies in a mini muffin tray and baked them for about 12 mins.  While I hulled and cleaned and dried the strawberries.  And together with the icing, I made Santa Hat Brownies! Of course I found this reciepe on another blog who also found it on another blog....   Unfortunately, mine did not look so great.  I blame the icing! I'm sad it looks so sloppy but they did tast great!

 This is how you turn a cute summery outfit into a nice winter outfit...just add warm pants and a jacket! Okay so obviously not fit for snow but just keeps us warmer in the warm house.
 Oh how I love my princess!

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