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Friday, August 12, 2011

Whitney's 1st Birthday Luau!

This was one amazing Birthday party. In Hawaii, it's common to have a big luau for a baby turning 1 year old. It's been said that many babies did not always make it to 1 year old, so when they did a big celebration was in store. All of the families and friends were invited to enjoy the festivities.  We feel this is especially appropriate for our daughter Whitney, it's a miracle she's alive and she is part Hawaiian.

 We had so many loving friends and family join us to celebrate Whitney's 1st Birthday (about 65).  There was great Hawaiian food Catered by L & L's Hawaiian BBQ, decorations I picked out from Party City and the Dollar Store, a slideshow of Whitney's first year that Thomas made, Hawaiian music provided by Merry.  We also had some amazing Hawaiian dancers! Seini King at  HULA HALAU O MAKALANI - HEAVENLY EYES HULA.  It was so hot outside that everyone jumped in the pool.  An fantastic photographer provided by Kehau..his name is Nick.   By the looks of these pictures he was obviously great! Mine and Whitney's outfits were made special by Trish at    I also had a sweet candy buffet and a beautiful cake made by  I have many talented friends! 

Whitney had a pretty good time too!  She loved the hula dancers and mashing her cake!  I loved everything too!  And of course opening her presents! So there was this forum online ( I think asking about how much you spent on you child's 1st birthday.... $10, $50, $150, or $500 or more.  Some were like, I spent almost nothing...the kid won't remember it anyway. Lot's said they spent a lot of money mostly on food and decor, and others said that they spent over $500 because they wanted a huge celebration and that the party is mostly for the parents anyway!  Yeah, that was us too, way way over $500.  Call us crazy but it was definitely worth it! 


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  1. What great pictures!!! It looks like we missed out on a great party! We really wish we could have been there. We love you all!