Battle with Right-Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gastrostomy tube Surgery

This past week has been super busy... after my family from UT left to go back home.  I started school, taking one class at the local community college in efforts to get my associates in general studies (AA).  I went to Tuscon with my mom and Whitney to see a new feeding therapist and dietitian to help with the blenderized diet.  I think that drive was worth it!  We'll be going back again in a month.  And of course, Whitney got her G-tube! 

That went really well, considering it's a surgery.  There were no complications and Whitney is healing nicely! She's not needing as much pain medicine anymore.  We really just tried to keep her comfortable and entertained.  She slept alot in the hospital and liked riding in the wagon.  She preferred to sit on the chair instead of her crib.  We got to go home the next day in the late afternoon.  I will take a little while to adjust to the G-tube.  She still throws up everyday.  I'm really excited to do some blenderized diet and get real food in her.  I'm just really freaked out that it might pull out on accident!  I'm extra cautious around it and very gentle with little miss Whit.   It is really so nice to have that NG tube off her face.  Now every time I see I think how beautiful she's like a new her!  She not quite on her normal sleep schedule yet.  Things should be going well in a few weeks though. 


  1. She looks great! I'm glad everything went well considering it was a surgery like you said. Your family is in my prayers. She is gorgeous and we already knew that but it's fun to see she whole smile and cute face without the little sticker. She really is a beautiful girl!

  2. Her hair in that last picture is so pretty. I'm so happy she's doing alright. We pray for her and each of you daily!!! Much love

  3. You are certainly right - she is beautiful! I'm glad everything went well with her surgery!

  4. She is SUCH a little doll! So gorgeous! I'm so glad things went well!

  5. Hello-
    My name is Jenny and I came across your website. My daughter has the exact same condition with the right side hernia. I wanted to ask you if she was ever put on echmo? You can email me at
    I look forward to hearing from you,