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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Doing the Best

Quick Update since this week has been busy, in a good way!  My Brother and Sister in law and their two kiddies came down from Utah on a days notice!  We've been having lots of fun hanging out, swimming, shopping and taking family pictures!  I also had some good friends come over to swim and eat and some cousins!  I post pictures later!  Also I'm trying to prepare for next week's business!  I start school! Just one class at the Community College about Food and Nutrition.  Then Tuesday we are driving to Tucson (2 and a half hours) for the feeding therapy for Whitney.  Then Wednesday it's her G-tube surgery and dealing with that all week.  I truly wish she would just eat! No mother wants to put there baby though surgery and another scar when they already have 3!  I just feel so bad because she doesn't know what's going to happen. All of a sudden she'll be screaming scared, then waking up in pain confined to a hospital bed. Anyway some how I just really want to show her that I love her and am doing the best for her.

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