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Monday, June 14, 2010


WEEK 34~
Last week (June 7th -11th) was my Last week of work. We had a little party on Thursday (June 10th) for me with lots of fruit and veggies and cookies! YUM. Dad (the Dentist) & Brianna (sister) got me beautiful flowers! (FYI I love getting flowers!) Friday June 11th was my very last day, normally we work till 12pm but this day we worked in a big long procedure and didn't get home till 4PM.
I'm glad it was my last week because it's getting really hot outside and warm in the office, I'm getting too big to maneuver around easily & quickly, and of course I'm always eating and going to the bathroom! Luckily my youngest sister Brianna (19) was working with me (and she is really good) or we would be behind schedule all day! By the way I'm a Dental Assistant!

Thomas is still going to a Business Ethics class on Monday and Wednesday nights after work, and he's working full time while trying to keep up with me and all these Dr. appointments. He is such a hard worker and so supportive and loves to feel baby Whitney move!

June 7th= Ultrasound & BPP of baby Whitney. She is doing well and so am I.
June 10th= NST for baby Whitney. She is not in stress when I have a contraction,which I cannot feel yet so that's a good thing.

WEEK 35~
Today Thomas and I drove down to the Hospital around 7AM for our 8AM appointment, which took us about 45 mins. to get there. Parked in the garage and went to the 8th floor. Today the ultrasound tech did a Bio Physical Profile and measured the baby. She weighs 5lbs 6oz. How fun. Oh yeah, and she's now in a breech position...not cool Whitney, hehe. She has always been head down but just recently her head has been pushing into my right rib cage! I really hope she turns around and down. I do not want a C-section. Anyway they said her insides are the same and that what was at first diagnosed as a CCAM is still a mystery to DR. G. It could be a CCAM or it could be compressed right lung (he can't see any other lung). They won't know for sure till they see it during surgery. They gave us a couple of cute pictures of Whitney. I have a ton of ultrasound pictures of my daughter and am going to make a scrapbook out of them. It's the only good thing about getting this done every week! I bet most mom's don't get this many pictures. Then I gave a urine sample, took my blood pressure, and DR. G. asked me if I wanted to do the Amniocentesis test today. Remember this is to see if the baby has any chromosomal abnormalities. We decided Yes. So he sent us with some papers over to the OB Triage, the same place that gave me the steroid shots. They admitted me and made me put on the Hospital cover gown thingy. A nurse monitored the baby (NST) for a while. Then my DR. G., an assistant, and an ultrasound tech all came in. Got everything ready. Meanwhile, I'm really scared that it will hurt me and the baby. They warned that if the baby was is stress I would have her today...via emergency C-section... (Thank goodness we are fine!). So they told me to keep my arms above my head, Thomas was there to hold my hands. They rubbed my belly with Iodine and found a spot away from the baby with lots of fluid which was about 2 inches above my belly button and 1 inch to my left. STICK! It did hurt, but was not unbearable. (I didn't even flinch). I think they took 3 different syringe fulls! of amniotic fluid. It was clear color. It seemed like a lot and felt like a long time, to me anyway. Then they just pulled out what we then realized was a super long needle (see my battle wound -->), put a band aid on, and strapped me to the monitor again to make sure we were doing okay. Thomas and I watched some t.v. and talked a lot about different things. We were there for another hour and a half! Crazy. When I got home I ate and took a 2 hour nap!

Tomorrow I have an Echo cardiogram scheduled and Thursday is the NST and Saturday is Daddy Boot Camp for Thomas (it's just a short class for new dad's to learn about newborns).

I'm making a Hospital Bag Checklist. Getting ideas from lots of different websites and so far I have written down 3 whole pages! My printer doesn't really work so yes, I hand wrote my list. I like writing, I'd rather write in my journal than blog (type). We need to do a tour of the hospital's Labor and Delivery (even though I've seen everything) so I'll bring my list and see whats really necessary to bring.

I fed all of my parent's turtles today since they are out of town again. 3 baby tortoises inside, 4 toddler tortoise inside, 12 big-kid tortoises in a new outside habitat that Dad made, 3 'parent' desert tortoises, and 2 big African Spur turtles. WOW.

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  1. You're a trooper, Alicia! I am glad that things went so well during the amnio, etc. Lots of prayers and hugs and for you, Thomas and Whitney.