Battle with Right-Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Echo Cardiogram

June 15th~ Today Thomas and I got up really early again for another Dr. appointment at St. Joe's. We saw DR. D. for the Echo Cardiogram Ultrasound. The ultrasound tech pushes kinda hard on me to view the heart and it's really uncomfortable, and it took like 30 mins. Then he did it again for a while until the Dr. came in. DR. D. looked at her heart too and said that everything looks great. I guess when they have a LEFT sided hernia the heart is pushed to the right and sometimes doesn't develop well. But in our case she has a RIGHT sided hernia, so that's better for the heart (but not the lungs). OH and they said her head is down! yay! I sure felt that last night! She was moving so much and it was really uncomfortable but I guess she was just turning around and down! I don't know why or how she decided to do it, I was just sitting at the computer. They said I don't need to come back to see them for anything else. When the baby is born though the will do and ultrasound on her to see her heart before surgery. So that's good. We forgot to get our parking ticket validated again and paid $1.50 Yesterday we paid $3 each, so dumb. Oh and our car got hit in the parking garage, just a little scratch and chipped paint, so mad! Thomas & I then went to the Park Central Deli and got a really good breakfast.

I'm glad that I'm letting everyone know about everything that's going on with our little family. Hope fully no one is left out. I just didn't want people to think everything is fine and then one day find out that we couldn't take our baby home. Plus it is really nice to have all the support and prayers. Only 41/2 more weeks at the most till I get to see my daughter and hold her hand.


  1. I am glad you have decided to tell everyone too! Extra prayers are always good! That is great to hear her heart looks good! :) Sorry we didn't get to talk to you and Thomas much at Jess's reception. I was on sensory overload... too many people to talk to! We will have to hang out just a small group!

  2. Every night we pray for you guys! Brad too! We love you guys. I am so glad you posting this. It makes me feel closer to you even though I'm far away. Much love!

  3. Thank you for the posts. You and baby Whitney and Keaweiwi are in our every prayer. We love you all so much!

  4. I just found your blog. You guys are super cute. You are in my prayers, I wish you guys the best and for sure you must have the most cutest ultrasound pictures, and for sure the most if you have them every week. That is going to be one cool scrapbook!