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Monday, June 7, 2010

Simple Update

May 31st 2010 WEEK 33 ~ Steroids

On Tuesday Thomas and I went to the Dr.'s appt for an ultrasound. Dr. G. sad things look the same. He's very concerned for our baby and we made sure everyone knows that we want to do every thing we can to help her live. Then they told me to go to the OB Triage for my Steroid shot. The medicine is for fetal lung maturity, it is given to mothers at risk of preterm labor to help the baby make surfactant. They gave it to us to give her every chance of help. (Pray we don't go into Preterm labor). The shot wasn't too bad... she put it more in my hip than cheek which left a nice bruise. Other wise No side effects for me.

The next day, Wednesday, June 2, I went in, by myself, for the second dose (24 hrs. later). This nurse put the shot more in my cheek and it hardly left a mark!! (Note to self). They won't really be able to tell if it's helping.

On Friday, June 4, I went back to the perinatologist office for my weekly Non Stress Test. They strapped me up for a while and finally got good results. My baby girl is very active! I just love seeing her on the ultrasound too! I still don't like be covered in that goo for everything everytime! After my appointment (which will always be at St. Joe's), my sister Brianna and I got pedicures! I'm glad she's here! Later that night my whole family went over to my other sister, Jesssica's new house!

On Saturday, June 5, Thomas and I went to the Prepared Childbirth Class! Yay, finally a day to think about the actual labor and delivery of my baby (because that is one thing sure to happen). We chose the ALL DAY Saturday class held near St. Joe's Hospital. There were a lot of people in our class and we learned a ton of useful stuff and had fun too! It's nice to think about our baby being healthy but I know I also have to face reality. She does have a life-threatening defect, and I know it's hard for everyone.

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