Battle with Right-Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost There

June 22nd ~ WEEK 36~

We are so grateful for all the support and prayers of our family and friends. We are so grateful for our daughter, Whitney. We are so grateful to be living with my parents and for Thomas to have a job and be able to go to school. We are so grateful for our excellent DRs to be able to take care of us and our baby. We are so grateful that we know that Families Can Be Together Forever, and that ours is!

On Thursday the 17th I had the Non Stress Test done. They said I was having small, frequent contractions, but I couldn't feel them. They asked if my bladder was full and I'm like um.. I think so, yeah. LOL, other wise I would have gone to the hospital to be monitored! I didn't have to go went I got all strapped up to the monitor and can usually only tell when I stand up! So everything is good with the NST's

Thomas went to Daddy Boot Camp on Saturday the 19th. It's just a half day class where he got to talk to other new dads and veteran dads. He really enjoyed it and will hopefully add more to our blog about it if he ever gets a chance. Thomas is very busy with school right now, taking 2 classes 5 weeks long.

On Monday the 21st, we had an ultrasound done. That went well and there's not much to update. They do a Bio Physical Profile, which she passed quickly! Good Girl! That's a really good sign that she is 'practicing' breathing and her insides work. Dr. G looks at the ultrasound himself. He mentioned again that he doesn't think she has a CCAM and that it looks like her right lung (because it matches her left lung), just pushed forward because of the liver and intestines coming up behind them. Then they did my first exam! Everything looks and feels good! Then they had to draw my blood again. My inside elbow...does that have a name? was sore all day with a nice bruise. They don't have the Amnio test results back yet but think they'll know by my Thursday NST appt. But Thomas doesn't go to that so we'll know next Monday. I have mixed feelings about knowing the results. If she has a Chromosomal Abnormality or not. I want to know if she doesn't but don't want to know if she does at this point. When she was diagnosed with 'Just' a CCAM, I was perfectly fine if she has Down's Syndrome, but now that we know she has right sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (RCDH), that would be really bad news. Because 'those' babies don't survive.

Dr. G said he thinks I have a high pain tolerance. I said yeah, I think I do. Not that this exam was painful, just uncomfortable, which seems to be how I describe everything. But it's true, I always liked getting 'beat up' with sports or quading or wake boarding, and thought my battle scars, bruises and scratches were cool to show off! Haha! I can think of so many experiences! I've always considered myself tough, which now may help a lot during my labor and delivery!

I do believe we are going through this trial for a reason. Before this I had NO worries. I was happily married, had a great job, lived in a nice apartment, had awesome friends and family. Well, I do still have all those things but now this huge trial. It has made me very humble and prayerful, and to fully rely on God. I now have empathy for others. Before I never really understood other people's trial's and thought "suck it up" or they'll "get over it" I know now that that's terrible. I feel more understanding and empathy for others with any kind of trial. I know my husband has different feelings about how this has effected him. And it also effects Whitney and what she will go through when she's born. Personally, we are Praying that she will be healed. But also that God's will be done.


  1. Thanks for the update. Praying for you guys. Being one tough girl will totally help you during labor!

  2. You are in our prayers. Brenda sent me this blog site, and I appreciate knowing how your family is doing:)I know this had made you a strong woman! LUV U Aunt Wendy

  3. Well, now that I know how tough you are, I'm going to be giving you tighter bear hugs! ;-)

  4. Hey Cousin, it is so nice to be able to read about your life! I have always felt guilty that I don't know you and your siblings better. I love how the internet can connect people. Sorry to hear about your trial, it would be hard for anyone to go through! I KNOW everything will work out how it is supposed too, it always does! God loves you and is helping you grow, sounds like it is working!

  5. Nathan is Nichole, by the way!