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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat

 Trunk or Treat is a tradition our church does every Halloween. I believe that almost every ward every where puts on a little Halloween party like this! They also all serve chilli, I highly dislike chilli.  So the idea is to decorate your car and pass out candy in the parking lot.  We didn't really decorate our car this year, our black car is kinda broken but if it weren't, I would have dressed it up like a skeleton too! Orange car was just a good car to sit in.  They also have some games planned for the kids to play but we just let Whitney run around inside. 

This year it was on my birthday!  I don't mind, it's not like I have much else to do, but my friends did make me a cake and came over after the trunk or treating to celebrate with me and we played catch phrase.  We love cake and catch phrase!  Keawe let me sleep in and he mostly took care of Whitney, which was totally nice! He also took me out on a date the night before my birthday.  We shared a plate at Cafe Rio, shared a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, went to Micheal's for some yarn, and then he bought me a balloon at Party City.  It was so nice being able to go out with just him!  Just focusing on each other and not worrying about Whitney.  Thanks so much to my friend who volunteered to watch her for us!  I can see now why it's important still 'date' your spouse and keep the romance!  It's hard to do that with kids!

Anyways, once we got Whitney to carry her skeleton bucket, she really loved trick or treating!  She was so cute saying trick or treat and grabbing a piece of candy and putting it in her bucket and saying thank you.  Keawe took her around, then I took her around.  I got some good candy!  Everyone loved my shirt and thought we were all so cute as skeletons.  Whitney thinks it's so funny how the baby on my shirt has his hand positioned, and she always said "high five baby" and gave the baby a high five! I think she's so funny!  There is no way Whitney would have put up with a big fancy costume...she freaks out if I put a long sleeved shirt on her and won't stop crying till I take it off!  Maybe next year?  Also, on Halloween, we did not go out trick or treating, for one, nobody in our little town does. I think it's a religious thing.  Also, Whitney really doesn't need the germs, I don't need the candy, and Keawe needs to study.  Maybe we'll find a place next year, although I'm sure our needs will be the same!

Enjoy our pictures!  And no, I'm not having twins, I'm just 38 weeks pregnant! AKA I'm huge and due any day now! 

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  1. I love the skeleton shirts! Especially yours! So cute!