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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cameron Alaka‘iponopau‘ole Montgomery

Alicia is very occupied with nourishing our brand new baby boy so today I’ll be in charge of handling the blog.  So with great pride and joy we welcome to the world Cameron Alakaiponopauole Montgomery.  Cameron was born early in the morning at 2:07am, weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces, and measuring at 19 and ¾ inches.  No noticeable complications with the baby and mommy is doing just fine in recovery.

We arrived at the hospital around 7:30pm Saturday night for a planned induction.  We were assigned our delivery room at about 8:30pm.  They had to ask a million little questions and get an intravenous started.  Alicia needed some blood drawn, and this experience only seemed to validate her fear of needles, unfortunately.  Alicia started induction around 10:30pm.  At that time the doctor said that Alicia was 3 centimeters dilated.  The plan was to play it out for a while and then when contractions started getting uncomfortable, she’d get an epidural.  Between 10:30pm and 12:30am it was pretty uneventful, we watched Netflix.   At 12:30am, the contractions started getting stronger, and Alicia asked me to give her massages until she felt better.  For about an hour, Alicia continued to have some contractions, but she said that they just felt like menstrual cramps and weren’t that bad.  During this time I was exhausted and I fell asleep.  Then at 1:30am, Alicia said they started feeling like stronger cramps and so she asked the nurse to order an epidural and Alicia woke me up shortly after that.  So when I woke up, Alicia was visibly getting more and more uncomfortable.  It took about 20-30 minutes for the anesthesiologist to arrive and at 2am, it was too late, Alicia was in full blown labor and was ready to deliver!  Yep, Alicia delivered Cameron with no pain meds and she did it as gracefully as you see it in the movies.  J  The rest happened very fast and Cameron was born at 2:07am.  Alicia tore only a little bit and didn’t need stitches.  I got to cut the cord, and Cameron was immediately put on mommy’s chest for skin-to-skin time.  Cameron made his first little cries and opened his eyes and for the next hour we just adored our new little guy.

So that’s his birth story all summed up.


Alakaiponopauole is the Hawaiian name that we’ve bestowed to our new son.  It means “forever a righteous leader” and expresses our hopes and desires for the future of our son. 

We’re so excited to have him as part of our family and feel privileged to be able to raise him in our growing family. 

I’m a little nervous as to how Whitney will react to having a new baby brother in the home, but I know things will turn out just fine.




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  1. What a cutie! Congrats! Alicia you look amazing, so beautiful as always! Wish your little family all the best!