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Friday, November 2, 2012

Cardiology Appt.

 Whitney did amazing at her cardio appointment today.  I mean like, she didn't hardly even whine let alone cry and vomit.  I am still in shock at how well she behaved.  There have been maybe a couple other dr. appts (recently) that she did well with emotionally.  But you know, her entire life, she hates going to the dr.! I'm not sure why she did so well, but I'm so proud of her.  I really wish there was some way I could reward her.  But I guess that is also the beauty of it, she's not bribed or reward for her behavior.  No candy, no new toy, no forbidden toy, no french fries, she's just herself.  

Whitney stood on the scale perfectly, weighing in about 27 lbs.  She stood against the wall wonderfully for her height and is about 35 inches tall.  It's so awesome that she's not failure to thrive anymore, she's just perfect.  Whitney held out her arm so nicely for the blood pressure cuff. Held out her cute little finger the the pulse oximeter.  Super surprisingly she did so well during the EKG.  She was a tad nervous but still let the nurse put the stickers on her chest and hook up the machine.  

The rest of the time she climbed on chairs and walked up and down the step stool.  It took forever for the Dr. to come in and talk to us.  I gave him Whitney's recent Cardiac Cath results and he said it was very helpful.  He just wants to get an ultrasound of her heart so make sure the pressures still look okay. He was a little worried about her being off the Sildenafil because according to the notes, the pressure in her lung/LPA are still on the high side.  It's a little scary knowing her heart and lungs don't function perfectly.  But I know they work great for her and will keep working her whole long life with very little intervention.  This new cardiologist is really nice, so I'm really glad for that.  He examined Whitney too and she didn't even get scared! 

BTW the appointment was on Halloween so we wore our cool skeleton shirts.  I got so many compliments!  It was fun having every one enjoy my baby skeleton shirt!

 "I'm so cute"

 "I'm so brave"


 "This is fun!"

 "I don't need this barf cup!"

 "There, I licked it, now throw it away please."

1 comment:

  1. LOL I love the photos and captions. I am so glad she did so GREAT for you and that is just so FANTASTIC that shes no longer failure to thrive. GREAT JOB MOM!! I know you had to fight hard for that to get her everything she needed so I think the credit is yours and God's. :) She gets more beautiful with every picture!