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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

(There are a lot of pics from today but that's because we just got a new/used camera and so we haven't been able to take many pics in the past couple weeks hence the lack of blog posts!)

Whitney got some fun stuff for Easter!  From Gramma P.: a new dress (Aunt Rachel got the headband/bow!),  barking dog, sing-a-ma-gig, whistle, Noah & the Ark book/magnets, and a My LDS Quiet Book! (perfect for church).  From Grandma H.: a Kitty Cat toy that moves around and sings!  From Mama:  Magnetic Alphebet, side walk chalk, dry erase crayons, and dresses.  Thomas and I got lots of candy from our parents!

To start our day off. We tube feed Whitney only 3 oz and she threw up. Then Thomas and I got all ready for church and I even took a shower! The plan was to feed Whit again, bathe her, then get her ready for her first day back to church. The actual was we feed her, she threw up again, then she fell asleep on the table. 

So I stayed home with her.  When she woke up from her nap around 1:30 pm I gave her a bath.  Everyone got home from church and traditionally took some pictures.  I got to dress Whitney up!  but only for pictures.  So she was all cute and fancy for like 20mins.  Afterwards we feed her again.   

Montgomery Family 2012
Montgomery Family 2011

Rhett & Brianna (cool camera color accent)

Mom and Dad

So we only got a few "good" family pictures but it's more fun to post the funny pictures!  

Whitney coloring/dying easter eggs!!

She had fun... at first!  But when she noticed her hands were stained she got upset!

Rhett & Brianna coloring Easter eggs

Clayton and Colton dying Easter eggs

Second bath

She loves pouring the water over the edge! 

Whitney threw up a third time today and fell asleep on the table again around 6:00 pm, right when we were going to go to Thomas's parents house.  Thomas was asleep on the couch.  They got up around 7 so we still went over there for a couple hours.  Where Whitney, sneakily, got a THIRD bath in Grandma H.'s sink.  Yeah, this girl is obsessed with water!  

Whitney did at least have a good night.  We tube feed her all night and she got 300mls/ 10oz of formula to make up for what was lost during the day.  Whitney is growing up so quickly and beautifully!  We love her very much! 

1 comment:

  1. I love being called Aunt Rachel =) The family pics turned out great. Your dress is so pretty, you have excellent taste! The dress Whit wore is so pretty and the bow looks great and matches perfect! I love that Thomas wears pink to match, what a sweet guy.