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Sunday, April 15, 2012

upcoming surgery

HEY there everyone!  Just realized that I never really told you that Whitney is going to get a different kind of feeding tube on Tuesday this week.  It's called a gastrostomy-jejunostomy tube (GJ tube).  It will be in the same spot as the G tube and look similar but it has and extra port on it that has a longer tube attached on the inside and that will be in her intestines.  To help Whitney not throw up formula (she may still throw up but it would be bile) and gain weight, this is the best option for her.  It means that she will be on a "continuous drip" which means her intestines will be slowly fed formula all day and night for who knows how many months!  Long enough to get her up to a healthy weight.  She will have to wear a cute little backpack all day long depending on her feeding schedule. 

Here is a picture of a sweet baby with the GJ tube.  This is what Whitney's stomach will probably look like.  And the next two pictures are what the tube looks like. 


ALSO,  the surgeon is going to perform "exploratory surgery."  Which means she is going to try to see if Whitney's anatomy is what's causing her to vomit so much.  So will hopefully fix the shape or layout of Whitney's stomach or intestines.  They are thinking that that is what's causing her to not digest her food.  She is still lactose intolerant but even with special formula she vomits everyday. 

I'm really just hopeing that this new tube and the surgery help Whitney.  I've been "looking forward" to this for 3 or 4 weeks now so I'm not super scared.  It is though, always scary sending your child back for surgery, screaming.  I have great friends who have offered to help and I'm so grateful.  Please say a prayer for Whitney.  Thank you. 

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  1. Hey Alicia.. I love reading your blogs on Whitney..although some may be hard to read because of her feeding troubles. You are such a strong parent and are amazing with your little princess. So glad she's getting the GJ tube..You are always doing what's best for her and I pray that all goes well and you all have the strength and patience to get through all of this, especially little Whitney. God bless you and your family..*always in my thoughts and prayers* ~ Sandy Camen

  2. Oh man. Many prayers. I hope this is the answer. Anything that will help her grow is good. Its a testament to what an awesome Mom you are that she's doing as well as she is (bright eyed and beautiful) in spite of her puking. I hope things go well and Whitney does awesome.

  3. I hope that everything goes well Ill text you to get an update if you can. We will pray for her & all of you.