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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AZ Aloha Festival

Thomas and I went on a double date with our best friends the Starchmans.  They got a babysitter for their three boys. My mom watched Whitney for us.   Then we picked them up to carpool.  And we went to the Arizona Aloha Festival! 

This was our first time going.  There were a ton of people there!  It also had tons of vendors!  Looked at every little shop full of Hawaiian decor and clothes and jewelery. Oh if we had a spot in our home we'd have gotten some cool hand made plaque!  But we did of course buy a little Hawaiian dress for Whitney.  Rachel bought her matching hair clips with a plumeria on them!  I haven't tried it on her yet (mostly because I'm afraid she'll throw up on it) but I'm sure there will be an occasion soon! 

The Hawaiian Fest. also had a lot of yummy food options!  The lines were so dang long though.  We did not want to wait that long in the sun for food, so we just picked the shortest line that had good looking food pictures.  Surprisingly,  that food tasted really good!  We just got rice and teriyaki chicken but it was perfect!  We also got a Spam Musubi.  I like the spam and rice but not seaweed!  Matthew got the same chicken rice thing but didn't feel brave enough to try the spam musubi!  We also got some yummy strawberry lemonade. 

Then we sat down and watched the dancers!  They are amazing and make it look so fun!  I would probably look ridiculous even trying but Rach and I joked that we should do when we are old ladies!  But I can totally imagine Whitney doing the hulu!  Since she is Hawaiian, she'd be perfect!    I told Thomas we should totally put her in a class when she is older.  He is skeptical but I reminded him that he does want her to keep in touch with her Hawaiian side!  It was pretty warm but we watched the talented dancers for a while. 

Then we shopped around a bit more and admired all the cool stuff, dreaming we could afford it all.  It was getting hotter and more crowded so we decided we had to take off and relieve our baby sitters.  It was so much fun hanging out with our friends!  Although me and Rach got sunburned and mine still hurts!

Our little Hawaiian girl...

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