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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Same old thing

I know I haven't written much lately, just a bunch of cute pictures.  This blog also contains a ton of cute pictures...mostly of Whitney, because well, our life pretty much revolves around her.  Suppose there is nothing wrong with that though! This past week has been pretty good.  We always love hanging out with friends and family to pass the time.  Whitney loves to read, play the piano, take baths, play outside, hang out with friends and family, and of course sleep.  She's teething right now again so she been a little bit grumpy and restless at night. 

We went to a different GI Dr. at Banner, vs. Dr. M. at PCH, for a second opinion. It went really well. Unfortunately she also says that according to Whitney's height and weight, she is still "malnourished." But I think she is smart and active!  Thomas had this day off just because, and boy did he get a lot done... all my cleaning and shopping!  Which was great because I spent the day at school, the dentist office (NO Cavites!), and the Dr.'s office.

It was really cold this one morning when we woke up.  It had rained all night!  I had some warm clothes to wear, but this was the only warm outfit Whitney had!  I was searching her entire wardrobe only to find mostly shorts and dresses! I didn't realize it was going to get cold so fast!  But of course it has warmed back up, crazy weather.  Anyway I still need some warm clothes for Whitney (and me!)

Whitney likes to "feed" her Dolly.  I simply tell Whitney that Dolly needs a drink and she will find a toy cup or bottle and give it a drink!  So cute! Hopefully this pretending will her Whitney eat one day too!

My youngest sister's birthday was this week and she turned the big 21!  Wahoo!  She came home for the holiday weekend and we had family party for her. 

We've been having lots of fun playing outside now that the weather is great! Going to the park and playing with friends.  We are still staying away from big crowds of people where they are always coughing, and breathing on us and wanting to touch Whitney.  I think a non crowded stores are fine to take her to if she stays in the covered shopping cart and doesn't touch things or get touched. 

This is Whitney's new thing. Riding on her Great Granny's walker.  I think Great Granny enjoys it too!  Whitney's second cousin in Utah, Penny, always rides it and now Whitney caught on to the free joy ride too.  

My beautiful little lady.  Practicing for our family pictures to be taken this week.  

I love my little family of three!  Thomas is really the world's greatest dad and husband!  Whitney is such a sweetheart and keeps me going!  And I'm pretty sure they love me too!

Not sure if I've mentioned this before but FYI I do have another blog.

It's nothing much, just were I can write about all her feeding/eating issues.

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