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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Livin' Life!

So it has been a little longer that usual getting my blog updated, like 2 weeks, haha.  Life is busy with a toddler!  And one who doesn't eat is even more time consuming! 

Took Whitney on her first bike ride.  A friend let us borrow her bike trailor and and another friend has a new one that I can buy for cheap.   It was fun riding with her and my whole family!  I got tired fast though so I need to do it more often!!

I love seeing all of Whitney's books open and her reading them!  So adorable how much this girl loves her books.  She always wants to sit on my lap while I read her a book.

We also got Whitney her flu shot.  She needs a "booster" shot in a few weeks.  Chances are still slim that she will get the synagis shot to prevent RSV.  I've talked to a lot of other "special needs" mamma',s they didn't get the shot the second time and their kid got RSV and were hospitalized! So I'm super nervous about this season,  and it's going to be really difficult keeping her at home. 

Whitney loves to play and run around outside.  She loves to feed all the turtles with her Gramma. 

Last week we saw the pediatric surgeon to do a check up on Whitney's Mic-key button (g-tube). She's happy with it and says everything is going good! We are going to see her again next week to change Whitney's button and learn how to do it my self.

When we get a new couch, it is not going to be dark brown!  It always hides Whitney's pretty hair!

 Thomas had a Dental School Interview with Denver last weekend.  He said it went really well and he had fun.  He has another one here in Az in Dec. and one more lined up in Jan. in CA.  I really hope we get excepted some where, mostly here though.  

We are still doing speech/feeding therapy, which is going pretty well.  Whitney is doing much better with her meals and seems to be eating a little more by mouth.  She is finally gaining weight and not vomitting on the Goat Milk Formula.  Whitney now weighs  17 lbs. 7 oz.  And is almost 15 months old!!

Whitney loves climbing up this chair and standing on it.  She loves to sit and rock in it for a few seconds too.  Yes she has pectus excavatum that can be clearly seen in these photos.  Enjoy the may adorable faces of Whitney.


  1. What a cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her hair and smile!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor

  2. Yay! Lots of fun stuff! Do you have to wait until spring to find out about dental school? I hate waiting! Whitney is so cute, Glad you are all doing so well! We will need to get together sometime soon, maybe before the craziness of the holidays.