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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sorry it's been a while since my last update.  I'm really glad that Thomas wrote our story about Lucy.  I still can't believe she's gone...just like that.  It's going to be really hard with the holidays coming up for her family to be with out her, I'm sure.  But I know that they are coping well because we know Heavenly Father's plan of happiness Learn more here! 

We are doing really well here in the Montgomery family!  I'm loving my Food and Nutrition 241 Lecture & Lab!  It's very informative and fun.  I've been wanting to take this class for a while now to go towards my associates degree,  but it ended up being really good timing.  I love learning about nutrition, especially for Whitney and my family.  Thomas is always working very hard and overtime at his job!  He is a wonderful Father and & Husband!  I hope I can raise my children to be responsible, self-disciplined, and loving like their daddy!

Whitney had a cardiology appointment earlier this week and got an echo done.  She did really good with that because her Grandma brought her small play piano. We held it above her head and she just played with it the whole 20-30 minutes!  Everything is still looking pretty good, at least nothing is getting worse!  Pulmonary hypertension is hanging out there still and he increased her dose of the Sildenafil because she's gaining weight.  The PDA is doing fine, still very small.  The ASD is okay but that will need to be closed in a few years (maybe when/if Whitney re herniates).  Dr. Puntel just wants Whitney to grow and be healthy and strong.  They might need to do a procedure called cardiac-perfusion-scan  to see if Whitney will need another cardiac cath done with in the next year.  Also I asked how many more echocardiograms does she need and he said that he still wants one every other month.  Eventually, it will go down to twice a year, then once a year up until Whitney's a teenager!  Crazy! 

I love taking pictures of Whitney in her favorite chair! So here are some recent ones!  Whitney is 15 months old, about 18 lbs and 30 inches.  She is so much fun and so adorable! She is getting smarter everyday!

For Halloween this year Whitney is a Pumpkin!  In fact, we are all pumpkins! I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a cute lil' pumpkin!  

This is Whitney last year for her 1st Halloween!  It's incredible how quickly babies grow!

By the way,  tomorrow is my birthday :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!! And I LOVE the little pumpkin family picture that is just so frickin cute! And WOW what a change from one year to the next. Its crazy how they grow!! :)

    Enjoy your nutrition class. I think everybody should have to take at least one. I think it would do us all a world of good. :)