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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When I first started this blog it was to update friends, family and CDH families about Whitney.  So the first 8 months or so I've talked about medical issues like, heart, feedings, shots, Dr. appts., physical therapy, ect.  Then I posted a bunch of fun pictures like Christmas and stuff while also talking about other things.  Things were good for a while, then the cardiac cath and upper endoscopey posts.  Then I talked more fun stuff like birthday!  Then she got her G-tube and I've tried to keep a good balance of fun and boring (ie medical stuff).  So now, besides all the stress of keeping my baby feed and healthy, life is pretty good. 

 I've been trying to get us out of the house more often but it's difficult when Whitney is either feeding/throwing up or sleeping all the time.  But her feeds are getting better except that I haven't been feeding her enough.  She hasn't gained weight since the G-tube surgery and I think that I haven't been feeding her enough.  It's hard to know because when I was feeding her alot she would always vomit, so I feed her less and she still vomited a little.  Any way I really got a get her to gain weight or they will want to change the G-tube to a GJ-tube (goes far in the small intestines) and/ or do a fundoplication (wrap stomach around sphincter).  I really hope that she doesn't need either one of these done, but I'm preparing to do them if she doesn't gain weight.

My husband and I took Whitney to the Mesa Temple.  We just wanted a quiet morning to walk around and feel the spirit with our daughter.  I love going in the visitor's center and watching all the video's.  We went to the LDS book store's while down there too.  There is a huge park a cross the street that we played at.  Whitney didn't like the swing or the slide and just wanted to walk around in the sand.  We ate at Subway and came home. We all quit enjoyed our day. :)

 I love it when she's happy!  Although her 3 teeth on top really bug me cause it's not even! lol

Whitney sitting in her favorite rocking chair eating.  I usually start at the high chair and when's she had enough we play.  Her meals go in her at a rate of 1/2 an hour when awake and 1 hour while she's sleeping.  I know it's still a bite warm for leg warmers but they are just too cute.  She wore them to the library and got tons of comments on how cute they and she was.  The Glendale library is much more baby friendly than the Peoria library!

 Whitney loves to play in the kitchen!  What kid doesn't!? She pulls out all the big bowls, the measuring cups, and drinking cups.  She also loves for her gramma to hold her while she cooks. 

We went to the splash pad last week and Whitney loved it!  As you can tell by her face.  She just laughed and screamed happily and played in the water.  There were quit a few other kids there so I had to stand right by Whitney to make sure they didn't touch her.  From experience, Whitney loves to follow other kids around but if they touch/hit her she cries and screams and vomits!  Also I don't want her tube accidently touch either because it is still very sore.  So yeah, I'm the mom who will kindly ask the child to be careful and not to touch Whitney, and will either block them her pick her up while their parent doesn't care, lol.  


  1. She is such a beautiful little girl. I mean wow. Just gorgeous!

  2. Love that second to last shot! So cute!