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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feedings Are Improving

This morning we got a call from the NICU, telling us that Whitney took 99 mL of formula! This is the most she has ever taken! In fact, the bottle only held 100 mL, so she just wasn't able to suck out that last one due to the bottle. Her normal plan is to take 90 mL of formula, but she was hungry and took even more. And then on her next feeding, she took 82 mL. Basically, she hasn't had to be tube fed at all this morning! This is very very good news! Our primary day doctor says that since she's doing so much better now, they will start feeding Whitney whenever she looks hungry instead of on a strict 4 hour schedule and will monitor how much she can take over a 24 hour period. We are very hopeful that perhaps this is the start of the end of Whitney being in the NICU! Only time will tell, but we're rooting for Whitney here at home!

Whitney is slowly gaining weight, which is also very good. She is peeing and pooing regularly, also good. We are so excited for Whitney. We feel so blessed and that God is watching, protecting, and healing our daughter.

A quick update from last post: She is still on the oxygen, which is possibly one of the reasons she is able to feed so much better now. We don't know this for sure, but its a theory that seems to be working. The infection is gone around her scar area, and she is back to normal there. We have narrowed our future Pediatrician down to a couple prospects, and feel that whichever one we pick will be the right one for Whitney.


  1. Oh good! We keep praying for the feeding and coming home soon ("noon" as Brad says it). I can't wait to see those pictures!!! She will be so lucky to come home to a house that smells so good. I am still trying to achieve what you have. You've inspired me. We miss you guys.

  2. THanks Mindy. Wishing you guys could be here when Whitney comes home, but will definitely share the pictures! You are such a great mom and inspire me too. we love you and derek and brad

  3. this is wonderful news, so happy to hear that she is doing well with the feeding!! we are praying that she will soon be home with mommy & daddy!! i can't wait for the days when you are all together, happy & healthy, and all of these hard times will be a distant memory!! lots of love xoxo -yasmin, kellin, & von