Battle with Right-Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Thomas and I and the Nurse's are all helping Whitney eat. But Dr. L. says she needs to eat better! I don't know. She is drinking from the DR. Brown bottles using a Preemie nipple, soon we'll try Level 1.

And we burp her really well so she doesn't spit up alot. Just love her face! She is on the nasal cannula here now to help with pulmonary hypertension. It it better now and helping her eat.

Whitney chillin in her crib waiting for mommy and daddy to play with. She still has the feeding tube in this pic but it's out as of Sept. 5th. Makes me wanna drive 30mins to just go hold her right now!

Whitney in a bouncer seat at the NyICU. They have some stuff like this for the babies to use. She's in a new outfit I bought her and holding one of the rings I bought her.

So I left her for just a minute, all wrapped up. I came back and she kicked herself out of her blanket! So funny. She really loves to kick and she's really strong. She needs one of those things that light up and plays music when she kicks it! ;)

Here a few pictures from today! This was her very first time in the car seat! They do a car seat test just to make sure she does well in it for an hour. Normally they just do it with preemies but wanted Whitney to do it too. I loved seeing her in her car seat!

Thomas is such a good daddy! She was crying a little and he just got right up and picked her up to calm her down! Wonderful! Whitney loves her daddy too! Thomas doing well in school so far.

Alicia also loving Whitney! She's actually looking at Grandpa P. who came down during his lunch hour to visit, then took us out to lunch! We had our dental cleaning appointments this morning! I miss my coworkers and patients!

Well the Doc has no idea when Whitney wil be home, like it could even be next week! Sad, but we do want what's best for her, personally I think she'll do better at home. But the Doc doesn't want us to stress at home feeding her and dealing with oxygen. I'm stressed anyway and think I would be happier when my daughter is home. But for now we are following Dr.s orders and visting Whitney everyday. Thank you all for enjoying our baby with us through this blog! And for your prayers!

I can't believe it's September already, my brain is still in July. I feel like I totally missed out on summer! Owell! I did swim quit a bit though. I don't mind staying indoors all winter, it's not like it snows or anything but I just don't like the cold! Maybe people can visit me, we'll see though! No sickness or crowds please! CONGRATS to my cousin who is getting married, and my other cousin who is pregnant, and another cousin who just had a baby!


  1. She is soo adorable! I LOVE her hair. So exciting that you are so close to going home!!

    Liz & Finley

  2. I love the car seat picture. Praying for home, feeding and no oxygen! Much love

  3. She will let you know when she is ready! No worries about that! Keep up the good work (all three of you!!)...

    Much love and prayers, Patty
    mom to Charlie, LCDH survivor, 2/4/09

  4. So, as a note that has nothing at all to do with the post, Kenny, one of my older brothers, had abdominal surgery when he was an infant, too. (He had an intussusception, where the small intestine telescopes in on itself.)

    I don't know if your doctors talked to you about this particular complication since there are so many to think about, but one of the complications of abdominal surgery is the intestine adhering to the scar tissue. Because of the natural movement of intestines things can kink up and wrap around and get blocked. It happened to Kenny when he was 16. We didn't know what was going on, and it got life-threatening before they figured it out and he had surgery to correct it. If you'd like, if it would be helpful, I could ask him to write down what it felt like so you can have a first-person account instead of just the clinical symptoms. And I hope I'm not adding to stress, since I know there are lots of other things to worry about right now.

  5. I was so excited when I saw the car seat picture... I thought maybe you were surprising everyone! I just am in love with those BIG beautiful eyes! It is amazing how time flies! We love you guys!

  6. SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE!! Oh man, I've wanted to come see Whitney SO BAD this last week, but I've noticed I've developed a slight sniffle. I don't feel ill in any way, but this sniffle is a little different so just to play it safe, I've been staying home. IT'S HARDER THAN YOU THINK, ESPECIALLY AFTER CUTE PICTURES LIKE THIS.

    But I want to show you I support your request and decision to be extra-careful about Whitney's care. When I know I'm definitely healthy, however, I want to see her as soon as I can! It's been two weeks since I visited, and I miss my niece!!

    Still praying for Whitney every single day. Praying for you two as well. I love you all.

  7. She gets cuter with every post!! I love her hair! I'm sorry you have to drive so dang far to see her everyday. Hopefully she'll be home soon!