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Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Days Gone By!

Whitney is 60 days old or 8 weeks and 4 days.

Alicia, mommy to RCDH & ECMO survivor Whitney Kaholumehekainani, writing here. These past few days have been crazy and amazing having my daughter home. First off thankyou all for you comments and love and support and for reading my blog about us and Whitney's journey to survive. She is thriving here at home! My mom is obsessed with her, in a good way, and helps out so much. My dad also loves her to pieces. My brothers think she is fun but don't want to hold her yet :)

Last night we were worried that she wasn't getting enough to eat and that something was wrong because she was screaming when we tried to feed her. So Thomas called our pediatrician and all they say is take her to the ER. So even though we really didn't want to we, wanted what was best for Whitney. So we packed our daughter up, which means taking her portable oxygen tank, the pulse oximeter, her binder of records, her diaper bag, and of course Whitney! We made the 30 min. drive back to St. Joe's. They drew blood (I couldn't stay in there for that because I was bauling), did an ultrasound of her chest, and took an xray, and weighed her. Everything came back normal and she gained weight. The Dr.'s say as long as she is urinating and gaining weight she is getting enough to eat. We were just kinda focused to much on numbers. All in all we were there for a very long time and didn't get back home till 5am this morning. Whitney is thriving.

The day she came home was the happiest days in my life! She is my little (big) miracle! I love being a mommy! So we will see what life challanges brings us this week when my hubby goes back to work! I'll be a true stay at home mommy, or as I like to say a domestic engineer! Trying to keep Whitney as happy & healthy as can be!

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  1. Better safe than sorry especially with babies!! I'm so glad she is ok!