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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Totally Gained Weight!

Whitney in her Hawaiian shirt from her great grandparents in Hawaii.  Guess what honu means!  I love that her pants match her blanket! She's camouflaged!  I put on the shirt that goes with the pants (from Aunt Jessica)  but then she threw up on it. 

We put Whitney at the table to eat with us!  She doesn't have food but she practices chewing on her spoons.  She drops all the spoons on the floor!  She loves 'eating' with the family, they always make her smile!  It's a hassle getting her down stairs now that she's attached to that pole for her feedings.  But it's definitely good to get out of the little apartment.

Whitney with a pony tail!  I love this outfit from her grandparents in Hawaii! 

She's doing pretty darn good at sitting up all by her self!  Whitney is so happy and loves to play and laugh and then take a nap!

Whitney's leaning on the couch playing with her music toy, she loves it!  I love this out fit too! 

We went to Dr. H.  today.  He's new, and does natural health care alternatives.  So Dr. H. did some kind of test that said Whitney has allergies.  And that the commercial formula's weren't good for her but the goat's milk is.  He said a whole bunch of other stuff that sounded good so we might be seeing him more often.  Most of it I had no idea what he was saying (I'm not really all that in to it and I'm use to the medical perspective)  but I'm willing to think out side the box, any thing to help Whitney.  Then we went to the G.I.'s office just to get Whitney weighed and she was 12 lbs. 11oz.  Wow! She gained 10 oz in 7 days, that's good but might be too much! 


  1. What a relief! She's catching up great! So happy to read this!

  2. She is adorable!! The weight gain will probably even out over time as her body gets used to the added calories. Yay for gaining weight though! Glad to see she's doing so well!

  3. She is such a darling little girl! I think I know which Dr. H. you're talking about, and let me just say - he helped me when no one else could! I'd listen to him :) Thanks for keeping us updated on here!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yes Katherine! :) glad to hear he helped you, I think we'll be seeing him a lot more too!

  5. HURRAY~!!! Oh man, I need to see Whitney~! I was sick for a while but I'm feeling good and all better now, so I need to see her! I hope you guys bring her over Sunday! Otherwise I'm totally coming over there to see her~

    Hurray for gaining weight!

  6. I am so so glad that she's gaining weight! She could not be more adorable! I love her chubby cheeks and that beautiful smile!