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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goats Milk Formula

We have been doing a ton of research lately about the benefits of raw goats milk for babies.  My mom had many resources that helped us get started.  One lady said to first try the goats milk before anything else, I was very skeptical though. After so many positive responses about it we looked up different formulas.  Of course the nutritionist said never to use raw goats milk but everyone else (Not Dr.'s) said that it's the best and to make sure to get it from a good farm.  So after 2 weeks of Whitney on the Similac Alimentum, I made the raw goat's milk formula.  After a day or two she stopped throwing up (she's been doing since she got the NG Tube back in early Dec.) and she stopped having diarrhea.  She seems so much happier now!  She actually likes to take the bottle!  We also stopped giving her the Prevacid and Bethanechol!  So the other day I took out the NG Tube!  Dr. H. said she might be allergic to the other milk and all the additive in commercial formula.  I mean have you looked at that can!  It's crazy!  I know she's been drinking it since she could take food but still.  I love knowing exactly what my baby is eating! 

Raw Goat's Milk
Organic Rice Milk
Wholesome  Organic Black Strap Molasses
Nutritional Kal Yeast Flakes
Nature's Way Primadophilus Children's
Nature's Way EfaGold Flax Seed Oil
Adrenal Plus  
Tummy Glycerite

It comes to about 23 calories per ounce and is so nutritious!  I also add Simply Thick to make it a little thick so it's easier for Whitney to drink. We will also be giving her a multivitamin from Dr. Christopher's website (recommended by a fellow Goat's milk/healthy friend). 

In other news, Thomas is still studying hard for the DAT and I'm busy with baby stuff.  Thomas's 26th birthday is this week!  We celebrated on Sunday at his parents house, but I couldn't find my camera.  I made Thomas his favorite strawberry cake and decorated so lovely!  We brought Whitney with us and my family!  Had some Loco Moco's! So fun!
 Also last Saturday I went quading with my dad and brothers!  It was the first time in a long time and we had so much fun!  After that me and my dad went to the SuperCross at Chase Field!  That was so awesome!  Close races!  Tons of crashes!  And even a fight!  I didn't have my camera for any of that either! By the way, my camera WAS in my purse the whole time!  So mad!  It was in the zipper part that I never look in. 

For all of you Oakwood Ward Member's out there... we are giving talks this week!  So it's totally O.K. if you suddenly become sick or go on vacation because I'm am so so nervous!! AHHHHH! 
Thomas's mom will be watching Whitney because also Colton is playing the piano so mom and dad want to come to church.  Again, AHHH!

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  1. Goats milk is very healthy! I am glad she is doing so well!! How is the cost? When we used to raise Giant Schnauzer pups we supplemented with Goats milk and they got so chubby. I'm so glad she is doing better on it! Keep up the good work mommy! Its awesome that your trusting your own instincts, use mom's do know a thing or two;) I can't wait to hear how much she has gained!